Free Your Mind

Were you told you were smart as a child? 

Perhaps your parents validated your actions with words of encouragement and gifts of reward? Maybe your friends became your fans and encouraged you to be the person they believed you should be?

Did you find that you naturally “got” concepts, little seemed to challenge your understanding and then one day, suddenly, you felt overwhelmed by the world? 

If you’re like me, you probably answered yes to at least two of these questions. 

Welcome to your respite. Discover that the path through uncertainty and the questioning narrative you’ve come to rely on is within yourself. Realise that the future is of your making. You are capable, have enough resources and already possess the knowledge you need to become yourself. 

The steps you take right now are directly related to your happiness. There is no middle ground, no intermediary worth relying on. You answer to yourself. It is that simple. 

How could I make these claims and assumptions about you and your state of mind? 

Because I am you. 

I was told I was smart as a child by people I trusted. Naturally, I assumed they were right. I did everything I could to prove they weren’t lying to me. Like you, this might have manifested in seeking out things I found easy to become good at. I built a reward mechanism for myself based on the values of other people. I built mechanisms to make myself happy. 

But I wasn’t happy. I had no real direction. I felt quite lost in the world. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume your high-school career was a bit sketchy. You probably excelled in some areas and totally sucked in others. This duality probably drove you to seek things you felt confident would create a good result. 

Computers, reading, pursuits of the mind probably attracted you. 

Sadly, the further you ventured into these somewhat disconnected worlds, the more you felt incapable of having a real effect on the happenings in your life. As you ventured further and further into your world, the real world felt more and more distant and alien. 

Do not worry about this. This was the logical thing to do given the pressures your environment posed upon you. 

You made the right call at the time. 

But, now is not that time. Now is this moment. You have control over this moment.

If you want to change your current reality to something better, you’re exactly where you should be. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve put myself through an absolute shift in understanding of the world. I’ve changed my beliefs, habits, friends, career (4 times) and ultimately, values. 

I’m here to cut through the noise of your fabricated existence and instruct you to take charge of your life. 

You hold the reins to your life. It’s time to crack your own whip.

Join me as I continue trying to figure this shit out.

Each week, I’ll send you the resources you need to make the next week the best week of your life. I’ll share what I’ve learnt to step out of my own shadow and into the light of the world, and I’ll teach you how to do the same for yourself.